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great black & white way

they took me to the theater, i love the theater. a lil’ bubbly to start the show…mr. cellophane!

les visiteurs

anticipating the arrival of my guests! Ils ne sont pas nés d’hier

I know you are, but what am I?

i want to see the pee-wee herman show!

hello nyc!

oh how i missed you

adios tulsa!

zero cowboys, zero stagecoaches fake bird sounds, all night train horns

no bones about it

my secret stash of bones down in tulsa


sign at dallas/forth worth airport restroom LGA: 9am egg sando, coffee, WIRED, Neil Patrick Harris DFW: smells like BBQ, severe weather at the ladies room TUL: oh no.. the toilet was right, severe weather! thunder! lightening! OKC: rerouted to OKC, refuel, donuts in the sky, primal strip (thx mb) TUL: let’s try it again. still [...]

war of the worlds

happy birthday, hg wells thanks for the paranoia, google


stopped in central park for a snooze

bunny bandit