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BT in VT

lots of fresh fluff at stratton!

thumpety thump thump

i’m packin’! this is some quality snowman snow!

slush puppy

24-hrs ago ppl were shootin’ bball here in t-shirts now its a plain slurpee..


moar funny pictures let’s see if you WIN tonite, island..

best b-day eva!

they baked me a cake! i haz the best luv..

movie blues

avatar 3d- intense epic battle sequences & warfare, sensuality, language and some smoking. hot tub time machine- straight trippin’!

Too Too Tulip

she’s a flashy dawgie


time to get so fresh n’ so clean clean! 6-minute clean abs! i did it! and i didnt get ruined! yay!

cyoot overload!

watch the BTs strut their stuff at westminster 2010! best of opposite sex..i’d say so.. bramley’s kennedys top secret


moar funny pictures