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deluxx fluxx

sneak peek of the faile & bäst deluxx fluxx arcade

Dont Believe the Skype!

world wide webbin’ in VA

pound puppy

baltimore IS the wire


too bad i dont eats the meats cuz these ribs are lookin’ delish!


happy 1st birthday, spencer! sorry for the cookie monster trauma


what is all this green stuff, what are these smells? at nite PA looks like a dan mccarthy print i hear things movin’ in the dark..


bananas are good for iron, amirite?

Earth Day- DO IT!

earth is 4.5 billions years old.. today is the 40th anniversary of earth day.. humans have a lot of making up to do

Sweet Nubbins!

“nubbins is an able-bodied dog in real life, but was made to stay in character on the red carpet” UH! his eyes are saying, where’s PETA! BTs dont want ur taco flavored kisses, ms. lopez!