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my friend, dan’s girlfriend needs our donations and happy thoughts.. to read about alix and donate, click here.. ♥ please give what you can. thx! ♥

Memorial Day

in honor of the soldiers who have given their lives for our country… puppy thanks u take me up to dylan’s paradise city where the cupcakes are green and the shakes are pretty take me to dylan’s.. (oh, won’t u peez take me to dylan’s candy bar)


make yourself a dang quesadilla! ok, i’ll have mines with avocado please..


by mike mitchell

dead like me

death with a BT, i’m into this show!

lifetime supply of chocolate

oh wait, that’s a lifetime supply of oil. top hat, top kill, junk shot? sounds like a highly technical plan..or a kludge LOL gulf gusher called worst U.S. oil spill to date.. GREAT JOB BP!


now for the comforting i need.. P.S. humans, i have grown tired of your LOST complaints, opinions, and theories. what if, what about.. blahblah.. let go. namaste, puppy


5 23 10 whipping up a special treat for the LOST finale water and light come together with sugar and rainbows THE END? JACK.. VINCENT.. AM I DEAD? jimmy, you’re ruining it! stop cheesing out my show! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


happy 30th, antonella!


happy birfday, pacman!