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killer view

so clear you can see mt. rainier LOST kitteh

go fish

follow the salmon to hiram m. chittenden locks.. where the fresh h2o meets the salty h20 the fresh water climb! i saw some fishes climb the ladder, but due to my sheer excitement my photos are blurry. at the exhibit inside the fishes pose.


puppy’s here…

King of Bandz

all hail the king of bandz! (thx todd) and let thee nappeth in flowers.. smells like..


my birfday is coming up soon… i want an at-at that poos jabas!


ready to make a splash!

retro dogs

two girls offered me a hot dog. i said NO

summer in the city

there are multiple levels of ick going on here


yeah, that’s not what I was looking for at all. yes! that is exactly what puppy wanted! thx, mb for making my morning hilarious:)

dog+tiger= DIGER

and puppy wants one! yay!