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Have you heard?

bird bird bird, the bird is the word!

rescue dog!

doin’ what i can to save my fellow plushie puppehs (thx meg)

Happy Birfday, Jazzy!

have a jazzy bday in boston!

Ride ‘Round the Island

biked from LES to GWB oh ok, i’ll takes a snooze in the grass.. or did you say snakes in the grass? i am the king of the sparkly rock! that was fun.. can we ride back down now?


should i start with the yummie la bottega truffled egg noms or the funghi frittata noms? decisions, decisions..

Pee Wee’s 1st Blog! Ever!

i know you are, but what am i? heh heh heh


met a rad chihuahua, emmet at summer streets! the dogs know, safety first!

Bonjour Space Invader!

double dose of space invader!

ima softee!

all puppies scream for ice cream!! i wuz a good boy! (thx roberto!)

Starship Pain

the shaman of cyoot