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yea, i’ll kiss ur cute lil lips

blondie, call me!

i lurves u blonde frenchie

Full Disclosure!

they’re creepy n they’re kooky, mysterious n spooky they’re altogether ooky, the addams family! ann takes me to the theatre. i love the theatre. i snuck a pic, hehe i only got in minor trubbles you frightened me, bebe neuwirth… do it again!

dare devil dog

a dog without fear on govenor’s island

Famed n’ Framed!

I’m Kindling

browsin’ my blog & readin’ books.. my kindle has the 3gs & the wifis!

lister on les


10hrs in second city & i only met a homeless bear no deep dish with kanye, or presents from oprah


showdown in chi-town BT vs BB


today i had a visit from my polish friend, leon! we sniffed around the ‘hood & ate frenchie noms