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Thx Day!

ready to gorge on nekked chik ‘n cutlet wif shroom gravy, cornbread stuffin, collieflower pine nut currant yum, & carrot ginger soup! puppy in pine nutz!

National Dog Sham

why didnt i get to see BTs & frenchies strutting?! the american gentlemen are best for sho

As The World Turns 7pm

thx gallery 1988 & dan mccarthy for making the world puppy lives in pritty


every dog has his day.. u wanna f with my buddy? ok. u wanna play ruff? ok. say hello to my little friend! xoxo

sweet babycakes

babycakes, oh how sweet are thee.. puppy nommed on 1 slice of banana choco chip loaf, 2 vanilla tops, plus 1 vanilla and 1 pumpkin cupcake to go! half-time treats!


cheezburger can has bt goggies!


chekin’ out the arts at the showpaper 42nd st gallery happy to see u faro

i’m heeerreee..

i met pw 2 weeks ago and now i’m at his show! i love that story. the pee wee show was so much FUN! AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! i has the best hoomans


im on the big pixels in TSQ! see bottom rt corner detail

Boston Bones

shoppin’ for puppeh noms