Archive for February, 2011

Summit Lodge

warming my bones 3,200′ above sea level hunter’s hippy snowbunnies

(The Morning After) New York

nick walker dislikes doggies.. meh he’s just jealous of my superior cuteness good work on the line up chris/opera!

Lazy Prez Day

2 things i missed while lazing on the couch.. the snow in places other than in trees..and gaga in my hood..

post meh-hi-koh

meh.. i has the post vacay blues thank the gods for yoohoo, lime chipsy, and a battlestar galactica marathon…

good reef!

the 2nd best thing under the sea (1st is puffy) ha-ha! i got you goldie. you cant hide.

¡lucha loco!

WIN! i unmasked a luchador in puerto morelos!

my mayan temple

dont ruin my ruins

slide slide slippity-slide

paws down, the slippiest slide in the world there’s an iguana behind me, isnt there? cuties noomi and hela!

buenos días!

hola, riviera maya morning sun.. hiding from the papz at the platinum club siesta time

be mine

happy valentines day! je t’aime!