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happy 15th!

puppy’s bouncy salty balls opera gallery exhibit curated by ron english

The Real Dogtown

Dogboarding from DANIELS on Vimeo. i’d like to see @MeatyAndBeefy ride these doggies

Angry Birds: The Movie (Trailer)

u wont like me when im angry…birds

like meh!

puppy is on the facebooks!

Par-tay like Rockstar

day trip to FL for art’s big 9-0 bustin’ out the polaroid land cam

Ridin’ Wit My Top Down

cruisin’ on the causeway listenin’ to biggie

The Original Hooters

when in clearwater…

Air Blog!

bloggin’ in the sky! cost of post $9.99


do as adama says and chill the frak out

Sky Bounce

ready to play some supreme hand ball