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Note It

off the chain! thx kelllllllly!

Vans House Party BK!

no age, health, cults & ceremony! rock out wif ur red rocket out! cults (up) health (down) oh hells yea check out meh dancin’ on stage on twitter! @puppysblog

Bark the Vote!

im up votin’ fur my buddy, clyde!


what’s on meh paw?! u look! do i see a vet? a doctor? a dry cleaner? update: it was just a piece of cardboard. pheew!

King Clyde

pls sign up NOW at and vote fur clyde! only 1 day left to make him king!

Grey Gardens

or..did sumone say i need a baff?

Man vs Puppeh

tonight i spotted anthony bourdain outside tammany hall! now dis top dog chef is rolling out the dough.. later dat night.. Man vs The Man.. NYPD vs fans at pete rock & smif-n-wessun show WTF! read about it HERE


for puppeh paws in the sidewalk


named monkey 1.5 y/o female boston terrier LES allen street early saturday evening 917-912-0470 PPL WATCH UR PUPPEHS! UPDATE: MONKEY WAS FOUND & IS HOME! YAY!

Top Dog Chef

@foodnetwork signature series convection oven suck it bobby flay