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Lady Liberteese

sunny sundog bike ride west side wif @aGii

Yay! Thx!

ur a rad lil sis! xoxoxoxo

Pasta Pals!

taught my seester how to maka da pasta! dat ginger tried to nom our spaghettis!

Doggie Paddlin’

wif my sista! we are QT BTs! don’t get us wet! maybe we multiplies…?

My Sista!

her name is felony and she’s supercute! we had so much fun! i luvs her!


ahhhh time for sum nature.. the puppy from another place soon ill meet my new sista!


dis cute doggie is visiting meh! he’s polish! i knows so many pole pups!


hurry up b4 i hotwires dis scooter jk! i can has patience

West Side Jungle

king of the west side mountain!

Frying Pan

is sizzlin’! ok im sea sick let’s go