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im at the most visited place in the world! heard theres a giant ball to play wif here.. and free wifis! holla back at me! Tweet


today’s special at puppy’s place is.. pizza! first, the dough needs to be kneaded click ‘read more’ to see recipe! ———————-> Tweet


zucchini wif fennel tomato mozzarella & spinach! click ‘read more’ to see recipe! ———————-> Tweet

Tori Luvs Me

her name may be @torihatesyou but she luvs me! puppy makes the unsmilable, smile.. THX QT! read her blog post HERE Tweet

When We Were Pups!

before we were tweetin’ we were QT puppehs! here’s a gallery of @puppysblog pals! @Tucker_the_BTFB layin’ it on thick wif the eyes @moleypup precious lil little snortles click read more to see the full gallery of QTs! ———————-> Tweet

Zip It!

zip tie rainbow at astor place! ready for my close up Tweet

Deep Forest

magic mushrooms on the somerset county trail oh no! did i just see the jersey devil?? click read more to see more forest adventures ———————-> Tweet

Leon Treats!

leon luvs his bocce’s bakery chicken cordon bleu biscuits! bone appetit! now he’s trying to nom my steeker! Tweet

Autumn King

happy first day of fall! ready for leaf piles! set, set that crown on the ground.. Tweet

Ima Trooper

“the empire has a legion of loyal soldiers that are in endless supply.” iznt i a QT trooper? Tweet