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Happy 2012!

puppy pops champagne! NYE 2012! Tweet

Billy’s Antiques

sawwy to sees u go:( u added bootiful chaos to the ‘hood Tweet


how did this rodent get in ma house?! ann? puggles? was it one of u girls..? Tweet

Puggles in the City

my girls, gabby & fiona visited me in NYC! they sniffed out my ‘hood.. Tweet

We BTs!

gots a boston terrier cookie jar from scooby! #WHITENBLACKSWAG Tweet

My Puggles & Me!

finally met my QT aunties! i luvs them.. gabby & me are boos Tweet

Elfed Myself!

BOL! thx ann! ive been elfed! Tweet

Got Cookies?

i has a few.. Tweet

Restin’ Chins

allie & i is pooped from all those prezzies! Tweet

Merry Xmas!

im the king of present mountain! Tweet