We BTs!

gots a boston terrier cookie jar from scooby!


My Puggles & Me!

finally met my QT aunties! i luvs them..

gabby & me are boos

Elfed Myself!

BOL! thx ann! ive been elfed!

Got Cookies?

i has a few..

Restin’ Chins

allie & i is pooped from all those prezzies!

Merry Xmas!

im the king of present mountain!

Nite B4 Xmas

awaaaay ina main jer…

Happy Chanukah!

Foster Bunny

meet the bunny im fostering for a few days!
he’s supercute & soft!

update: O-M-G! mr bunny made it to florida
& guess what… he has his own room!
what a lucky dood!

Santa Paws

santas are watching to see if im naughty or nice..

of course, i was nice…!